The Greatest Gift

In Children's Story Ideas by Rachel Schultz

Objects: Pretty wrapped box with a ribbon. Note inside with “I love you” printed in large type.

Lesson: The greatest gift which we can give another is our love.


1. We do not need money to give the greatest gift.
2. We all have the gift to give.
3. Love is the greatest gift and we have it to give to one another.

I don’t know about you, but I like to give presents and I like to receive them. I’ve got a present here in the paper bag that I am holding. (Take the present out.) Isn’t it a pretty package? When I was your age, I was always sorry that I did not have any money to buy presents for a person’s birthday or Christmas or just because I wanted to give them something to make them happy.

Then, one day I realized that I did not need money to give people the greatest gift in the world. I already had what everyone needed, and I could give it away to people any time. In fact, each one of you has this gift. In fact, everyone has it to give away. Do you know what it is?

I’m going to give this present to each one of you. I’m going to open the package now. (Unwrap the present, open the box and then unfold the paper that’s inside.) This says “I love you.” The greatest gift we can give to anyone is our love. God loves us and He showed us His love by giving us His son, Jesus. Jesus showed us His love by being willing to die on the cross. That’s why we celebrate a Lord’s Supper today here in church—to remind us of God’s gift—His love for us.

I believe that if we really love God, then we will show that love by passing on His God-given love to everyone else. Love is the greatest gift we can give or receive.

Excerpted from Elder’s Guide, Volume A, General Conference Ministerial Association. Reprinted with permission. Visit the Ministerial Resource Center, GC Ministerial Association to purchase this and other helpful resources. Better Sermons © 2005-2008. Click here for usage guidelines.