Give Thanks to God, Too

In Children's Story Ideas by Rachel Schultz

Object: A typical thank-you note card, with writing on the inside

Lesson: We thank God for his love by living the way God wants us to live


1. Gifts call for a response.
2. God gives us more gifts than we can count.
3. We thank God for His gifts by the way we live—lovingly.

A few weeks ago I sent someone a birthday gift and look what my friend sent me in the mail. Do you know what this is? It’s a thank-you note, and in it my friend says how much he appreciated the birthday gift and thanks me for remembering him. This note makes me feel good, because now I know that my friend received the gift I sent and that he liked it. It is nice to send a thank-you note when someone does something kind for you or gives you a gift.

Have you ever thought about all the gifts God has given us? Think about them, especially the ones we usually take for granted— the earth, the sun and moon and stars, rain to make things grow, air to breathe, or what about friends and family, or food to eat, a home and clothes to wear. God gives us the church, too, where we can worship and study and meet other Christians. But the best gift God has ever given us was the gift of Jesus, His son. No gift is better than that. And God keeps on giving, everyday.

Perhaps we should send God a thank-you note. But how in the world can we do that? You can’t mail a letter to heaven, can you? I know a way to thank God, the only way really. We can thank God by the way we live, by remembering Him in deciding what we do or say. We can thank him by coming to church to worship, by being kind to others and taking care of  His earth, by loving others, especially those who are especially in need.

This week think about the thank-you note you send everyday. Make certain it says what it should.

Excerpted from Elder’s Guide, Volume A, General Conference Ministerial Association. Reprinted with permission. Visit the Ministerial Resource Center, GC Ministerial Association to purchase this and other helpful resources. Better Sermons © 2005-2008. Click here for usage guidelines.