The Key to Power

In Anecdotes and Comments (Illustrations and Ideas) by Rachel Schultz

I’d been having trouble with my 13-year-old car. A sympathetic person loaned me his car while mine was being repaired. While driving it, I stopped at a store to pick up a few things. On my way back to the car, I reached into my pocket for the key. It wasn’t there. I searched all my pockets. I looked in my shopping bags. No key. I stood there, looking at this big, beautiful, borrowed car. Here was a $40,000 vehicle, with plenty of gas in the tank, lots of horsepower under the hood, just waiting to take me anywhere I wanted to go. But it was useless. No power without the key.

I had to have that key. And I knew that Jesus knew where it was. So I prayed, and asked Jesus for the key. I felt impressed to go back to the store. The lady in customer service handed me the key. With that key, I unlocked the car and unleashed all its power.

There’s also power available to us in our everyday life. The Bible says, “As we know Jesus better, His divine power gives us everything we need for living a godly life” (2 Peter 1:3. NLT).

Unlock the Power

But in order to unlock this power, we need the key. Where’s the key? Jesus has it. Jesus has the master keys. Jesus says, “See these keys in My hand? They open and lock Death’s door, they open and lock Hell’s gates” (Revelation 1:18, The Message). So we need to go to the Man who carries the keys—the master keys to every problem in life.

But don’t overlook and forget to use the one simple key Jesus has given you and everyone else. I’m talking about prayer. Jesus says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” (Matthew 21:22, NLT). Prayer is the key in your hand of faith that will unlock the storehouse of heaven. In that storehouse, you’ll find Jesus, and the keys to everything you need. Just use your key. It isn’t lost. It’s right there in your hand.

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