Sermon Helps

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Sermon Helps

This page features material that may help you in your sermon writing, planning and graphic design activities.

Adventist Sermon Outlines and Ideas – BetterSermons is collecting sermon outlines and ideas to share on this site. If you are an Adventist pastor, you are invited to send in 5 of your best outlines.

Oxygen Multimedia Graphics are now available through a monthly membership program. Each Oxygen volume includes 450+ images, backgrounds and templates, for preaching and worship. They now have 9 volumes, with a new edition released quarterly. For US$24.95 per month, Premier Members get each new volume of Oxygen sent to them automatically each quarter and unlimited downloads from the Premier Members page online. As a bonus, for a limited time new Premier Members also receive the Oxygen “Church Media Starter Kit.” The Premier Membership is a complete value of over $75 per month.

A Little Book for Preachers contains 101 practical, insightful tips on effective preaching. It’s a handy, pocket-sized gift book with sermon tips, amusing line drawings, plus lists of helpful books, films, essays, and music that can enrich a preacher’s background, understanding, and sermon delivery.  

Making Good Preaching Better (A Step-By-Step Guide to Scripture-Based, People-Centered Preaching), by Alvin C. Rueter. The authors says, “As one who is a peacher and glad of it, I wince when I hear someone say, ‘Now don’t preach to me,’ or when I read a review of a novel or a play where the critic writes, ‘The author makes his point without preaching.’ It’s ironic that preaching has become bad news. The message of the angel of the Lord to the shephards in the field begins: ‘Do not be afraid; I have good news for you’ (Luke 2:10 NEB). That’s the Bible’s idea of preaching.”

The Pastor’s Guide to Effective Preaching, Billy Graham, Eugene Peterson, William Willimon and other well-known church leaders teach you how to connect with the congregation through your preaching. Beyond the “how-to’s” of preaching, The Pastor’s Guide provides a foundation for embodying God’s grace and holiness as a means of communicating His message.

PreachingPlus – Feature resources and articles by Lennord Sweet. As a historian of American culture, a futurist, a semiotician, and a preacher who communicates the gospel to a postmodern world, Leonard sees things the rest of us don’t see and dreams possibilities that are beyond most of our imagining.

Pulpit Classics 1 features some of the best Adventist preaching ever heard. Volume 1 includes: The Man on the Central Cross by Edward Heppenstall; The City in the Sky by HMS Richards, Sr.; Crucified with Christ by Taylor G. Bunch; The High Cost of Low Living by John W. Osborn; Sammie and the Famine by Josephine Cunnington Edwards; Mister Crooked Earsby Eric B. Hare, and many more! (6 audio cassettes in each set that feature 10 sermons and 5 children’s stories).

Pulpit Classics 2 features: How to Conquer Inner Space by James Dykes; God’s Blind Spotby William A. Fagal; Finishing the Work by Louis K. Dickson; The Cross by Robert H. Pierson; God Remembered Ray by Josephine Cunnington Edwards; Pip Pip, The Naughty Chicken by Eric B. Hare, and many more! (6 audio cassettes in each set that feature 10 sermons and 5 children’s stories).

How to Take the Drugery Out of Sermon Preparation – Discover how one pastor has learned to prepare his sermons without a lot of stress or pain.

Sermon Preparation Tips for Lay Preachers – If you are an elder, or local church leader who is occasionally asked to preach, this article may be helpful.