Religion Isn’t Enough

In Spirit Renewal by Rachel Schultz

Religion Isn’t Enough


“The essence for the follower of Jesus lies in living by faith and not by religion. Living by faith consists in constantly redefining and reaffirming our identity with Jesus, measuring ourselves against him–not measuring him against our church dogmas and local heroes.” 1

–Brennan Manning, Christian Author

Religion cannot solve our problems. In fact, through the ages, religion has been the problem. When people “have religion” without a living faith in Jesus, they tend to substitute biblical dogma for a personal experience with God. Religion without personal faith is a formula for sectarianism, bigotry, and violence.

Jesus was brought to Pilate to be crucified by the religious authorities of His day. The Crusades were instigated by people with opposing religious beliefs. During the Dark Ages, religious people killed those who didn’t accept their dogmas. The unstoppable wars in the Middle East stem from long-standing religious differences.

The true test of one’s profession is found in how they live their lives–how they treat other people.

1 Excerpt from The Signature of Jesus, Multnomah Press, p. 86.

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