Off the Beaten Path

In Spirit Renewal by Rachel Schultz

Off the Beaten Path


“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.”

–Charles Kuralt

Before Interstate Highways came into existence, one had to drive on two-lane roads through small towns and villages. You couldn’t go fast because there were too many roadside fruit stands, side roads, curves and stop signs. In 1959 I remember riding with my family through Georgia, from Florida to Tennessee. Along the way we saw gasoline stations, farms, peach orchards, tractors, horses, ice cream shops and quaint town squares. We were never very far from the smells and sounds of the passing scenery. Today, cars can pass through Georgia in a few hours on super highways that provide generic views of highway medians, exit ramps and overpasses.

From time to time we need to pull off the highways and follow the byways to experience life in the slow lane. Next time you’re on the road, why not take a short side trip to explore some place you’ve never been before! 

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