Love Can’t Be Put Out

In Children's Story Ideas by Rachel Schultz

Objects: Relight candles. (A birthday candle that can’t be blownout.)

Lesson: Love can’t be extinguished.


1. Love is wonderful
2. God’s love can’t be blown out.
3. We should love God and everyone with this kind of love.

Love is a wonderful thing. You need it and I need it. Not only is love a wonderful thing to receive, but it is a wonderful thing to give. However, there is one thing about love that stands out above all other things. If love is real—really real—it cannot be put out. God has such a love for each one of us and we can see that love in His son, Jesus, the Christ.

Can anyone tell me what this is that I have in my hand? (Hold your re-lighted candle.) That’s right. It’s a birthday candle. I’m going to light the candle. This candle is like the love that God has for each one of us and for all people. You’re going to see that the flame can’t be blown out. (Light candle—blow it out. It will, in a few moments, relight. Do this several times. The children will react. Each time remind them that love lasts, love endures, love can’t be extinguished.)

Isn’t it wonderful that God loves us this way and that His love doesn’t blow out? He wants us to love Him and one another the same way. Love is the most powerful thing in the whole world. It can’t be put out.

Excerpted from Elder’s Guide, Volume A, General Conference Ministerial Association. Reprinted with permission. Visit the Ministerial Resource Center, GC Ministerial Association to purchase this and other helpful resources. Better Sermons © 2005-2008. Click here for usage guidelines.