Green Christians

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Green Christians


Key Passage: Genesis 2:15:  And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.Key Thought: As caretakers of the earth, we have a responsibility to live as greenly as possible.

 Genesis 1:27-30, Genesis 2:8, 15 & Matthew 25:1-13

Idea: Some believe that since Jesus is coming soon and will then recreate the earth, we don’t need to worry much about environmental issues. However, God gave us dominion over the earth and we are responsible to protect and guard it. Humans are running out of many of our natural resources as we wait for the Lord’s return, just as the 5 foolish virgins ran out of oil for their lamps as they waited for the bridegroom.

Story: There is so much in the media these days about global warming and water shortages and fossil fuel reduction and the myriad of ways humans are ruining the earth. As Christians, we should be leading the fight for this earth. We all hope and pray that Christ’s return will be in our generation, but regardless of when He comes, we must continue with the job He gave us in Eden—tending and guarding and keeping the earth. To ignore that job is disobedience.

The ten virgins that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25 are a good example of two different ways we can take care of our earthly resources. Since they didn’t know how long it would take the bridegroom to arrive, the five wise virgins took care of their lamps and prepared oil in jars so they would be sure to have enough. This can be compared to Christians who work to protect and care for the earth so that it is kept as healthy as possible for future generations.

But at the midnight cry of the bridegroom’s arrival, the five foolish virgins found that during the night, their oil had begun to run out and they would not have enough to make it to the wedding banquet. The asked to borrow some from the wise virgins, but were refused. They rushed out to buy more, but didn’t get back until the door was closed. Christians who disregard the need to care for the earth and preserve it may find that the earth is in a sad state by the time Christ returns.  We may waste away and run out of some this earth’s gifts and products. When the Bridegroom returns, don’t we want to stand before him having kept the wicks of the earth trimmed and have an abundance of other resources still remaining.

There are many practical suggestions that could be given to a congregation for reducing their negative effect on the environment and to enable them to become better caretakers of our earth.

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