God’s Raw Love

In Spirit Renewal by Rachel Schultz

God’s Raw Love


“Truth to me was dead, God had never lived, life was full of pain, and death was the end of life. As a young Atheist, I sincerely believed that man had created God to fill the gaps in knowledge that would never be spanned by experience, reason, or science. In 1983 the God who pursues those who deny him interrupted my existence, he captured my soul with raw love. Two decades later, God’s tangible friendship still amazes me. To deny his existence I’d have to first deny my own.”

–Alicia Britt Chole

Many believe there is no God because they haven’t needed Him. Things get dicey when God decides He needs them. Saul went about persecuting the early Christians and simply didn’t accept the idea that Jesus was God.

But that all changed when Jesus called his name on the road to Damascus.

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