Every Member Involved

In Spirit Renewal by Rachel Schultz

Every Member Involved


“No Church is evangelizing well–or being spiritual–until is has enabled every member to be vitally involved in an ongoing, enjoyable ministry. The possibilities for member involvement–the key to church growth–are as endless as your ideas.” –Chris Blake

Today it is easier to just sit back and let the “professionals” do the work of ministry. Training members is messy, time comsuming, and quite frankly, never finished. So, why would pastors not take the easy way out by simply doing the work themselves? While it is certainly tempting to just “do it ourselves,” pastors are not called to do ministry–but to equip the members of his or her church to do it. This includes evangelism.

Even though it is tedious and difficult, every-member involvement maximizes the work of pastors and evangelists and expands the reach of the church one hundred fold.

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