Crock-Pot Sermons

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Crock-Pot Sermons


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Alan Nelson says, “No amount of quick-prep resources can substitute for prayer and meditation on what God is saying to you about a text for your congregation–microwave resources shouldn’t take the place of the Crock-Pot method of letting a sermon marinate in the Spirit’s Juices–but as good resource stewards, pastors should invest in tools that help them deliver a spiritual meal that feeds the soul.”

–Rev Magazine, May/June 2007

Suggestions for Stewing Sermon Ideas

Take a small notebook with you wherever you go for jotting down notes when ideas pop into your head. You may never useĀ an idea again, but then it may spark another thought that becomes a full-blown sermon.

If you don’t like to write, or spend a lot of time driving, use a small digital recorder that you can speak your ideas into.